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Comet Racer Project Progress Reports on Restoration jobs.

“Black Magic” G-ACSP DH 88 Comet Restoration 2020 Summary

A SUMMARY OF DH88 COMET G-ACSP “BLACK MAGIC” PROGRESS  December 2020. Covid 19 has been a huge impediment for progress.  Obviously the weekly working sessions at Derby have not happened since February 2020. However it is worth recapping what the …
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Nose Cone Former July 2019

A former made of MDF is constructed by Peter Spurrs CRP volunteer working in the Amy Johnson Workshop for the fabrication of the metal nose cone of “Black Magic” G-ACSP.  This has to be very accurate and made to drawings …
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Planking Preparation for Wing of “Black Magic” November 2018

The wood for “Black Magic” G-ACSP was sourced from Stones Timber, delivered by Tuffnells and after some preliminary cutting of the balks, then went to Harlows in Burton upon Trent for slicing into general planks which they did excellently.  This …
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Wing and Fuselage Jig Matching March 2017

The precise matching of the wing mounts to their counterparts on the fuselage is the next major step.  The previously manufactured metal jig will be matched to precision drilled extensions from the fuselage hang points that, in turn, will be …
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Initial Drilling Undercarriage Blocks January 2017

A great start to 2017 as the first drillings to the undercarriage / engine mounting blocks is started.  These photographs show the large main assembly on the underside of the inverted wing resting on the aluminium blocks that carry out …
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Fly Press Offset Jig Metalwork September 2016

          The tapered washer trial, to ensure that all bolt heads were flush on the elaborate and multi angled metalwork, has been changed in favour of the use of an off set jig mounted on a fly press.  Though this …
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Fuselage and Wing Joining Jig Assembly August 2016

            A great deal of metal work and welding has occupied the last few months with the construction of a large metal jig that will be used to marry up the fuselage and wing mounts to each other.  …
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Workshop Update April 2016

With all the ribs in place and the outer stringers complete, work has progressed onto the complex engine and undercarriage metalwork mounting to the wing in the location of the diagonal spars.  The full drilling of the variety of bolts …
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October 2015 Update

The massive work on the whole wing continues.  The complete metal work for the engine and undercarriage mountings has been completed and drilled to match position on the wing spars.  Wing ribs are in place, templates prepared and the wing …
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Wings Joined

The two separate wings have now been joined using large central wedges made from a cut laminate block.  These join the upper and lower parts of the front and back spars with a central lattice for the centre spar.  The …
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Wing Assembly Starts

The full wing assembly is now in progress, the bringing together of all the spars and parts made so far which also enables engineering work on the metal work for engine mountings to proceed alongside. The wing is made as …
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The Comet has a retracting undercarriage assembly which was quite unique for 1934. We have copies of the original drawings and the new assemblies are taking shape. New springs to the original specifications have been specially made for us by …
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Work has been progressing well on the fuselage which is now basically complete. Latest work has been the completion of the top and bottom fuel tank cover on the front of the fuselage. Many of the controls have been made …
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Tailplane & Elevators

The tailplane and elevators have now been made to original drawings with the metal fittings in place. they have been covered in fabric and doped, at present just in the aluminum dope which provides U/V protection. The hinges and operating …
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Work has started on the wings and a large number of the wing ribs have been made. We have Spruce in stock and have made a start on machining it up to make the wing spars. Since the wings are …
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Engines & Propellers

The original engines were special Gipsy Six ‘R’s which were racing engines built for the race and only a few were ever made and only one exists anywhere. We are using the later Gipsy Queen 30 engines which are development …
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