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In this section Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the DH88 Comets will be addressed.  If you have any further questions, please contact us.

FAQ 1 : How many DH88 Comets were there and what other “Comets” exist?

FAQ 1 : “How many Comets were there, what happened to them and which Comets and Copies now exist?” Ancillary FAQ 1.1 : “I thought there was another DH Comet passenger jet?” Answer : the Comet Racer project at Derby Aero …
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FAQ 2 : Was DH88 Comet G-ACSP named “Black Magic” after the chocolates?

FAQ 2 :  Was The DH88 Comet “Black Magic” named after the Black Magic Chocolates. No, there is absolutely no evidence at all that this iconic aircraft had the name chosen because of the chocolates or that the makers, Rowntree’s, were …
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FAQ 3 : What DH88 Comets is the Comet Racer Project involved with?

The Comet Racer Project is based at Derby Aero Club between Hilton and Eggington near Derby, Derbyshire, UK. At this location, the restoration to flying condition of G-ACSP “Black Magic” is being carried out in the Amy Johnson Workshop with …
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FAQ 4 – What happened to the French Comets F-ANPY and F-ANPZ?

FAQ 4  : The Fate of The French dH88 Comets F-ANPY and F-ANPZ – Les Commettes After the MacRobertson Air Race of 1934, for which three dH88 Comets were built, only two more were ever produced. There was a new …
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FAQ 5 : What aircraft flew in the 1934 MacRobertson Air Race and the results?

These are the details of the twenty aircraft that took part in the 1934 MacRobertson Air Race and how they finished.  The rules of the race were complex and involved handicapping rules that can make the results look incorrect. MacRobertson …
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