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Workshop Update April 2016

With all the ribs in place and the outer stringers complete, work has progressed onto the complex engine and undercarriage metalwork mounting to the wing in the location of the diagonal spars.  The full drilling of the variety of bolts though the spars has started and all pieces are ready for fitting.  After one attempt to cover the outside wing tips, a new technique with the ply at a more diagonal angle has been cut and readied for fitting.  Work on the cabling for the dual controls has been progressing in the confined spaces of the cockpit.  With the metal work sprayed, fitted permanently and the outer ply covering on, the next stage is the complex diagonal strip wing covering which will permanently seal all the complex wing work inside and out of view!  The tail wheel assembly under the rear rudder is going well.

Martin Walters Spar Drilling April 2016 (3) - Copy

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