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FAQ 5 : What aircraft flew in the 1934 MacRobertson Air Race and the results?

These are the details of the twenty aircraft that took part in the 1934 MacRobertson Air Race and how they finished.  The rules of the race were complex and involved handicapping rules that can make the results look incorrect.

MacRobertson 1934 Air Race : Mildenhall to Melbourne Official Finishing Order
Aircraft type Identity Race
Crew Country of origin Notes
DH.88 Comet
“Grosvenor House”
G-ACSS 34 C. W. A. Scott,
Tom Campbell Black
Britain Elapsed time 71 h 0 min
1st both, Gave up handicap
Douglas DC-2
PH-AJU 44 K.D. Parmentier,
J.J. Moll, B. Prins,
C. van Brugge
Netherlands Elapsed time 90 h 13 min
2nd both, Winner handicap
Boeing 247D
Warner Bros. Comet
NR257Y 5 Roscoe Turner,
Clyde Edward Pangborn,
Reeder Nichols
United States Elapsed time 92 h 55 min 3rd 3rd Speed Race
DH.88 Comet G-ACSR 19 O. Cathcart Jones,
K.F. Waller
Britain Elapsed time 108 h 13 min 4th in speed race
Miles M.2F Hawk Major ZK-ADJ 21 S/Ldr. M. McGregor,
H.C. Walker
New Zealand Elapsed time 7 d 14 h
Fastest single-engined        5th on handicap
Airspeed AS.5 Courier G-ACJL 14 S/Ldr. D. Stodart,
Sgt. Pilot K. Stodart
Britain Elapsed time 9 d 18 h           4th on handicap
DH.80 Puss Moth
“My Hildergarde”
VH-UQO 16 C.J. ‘Jimmy’ Melrose Australia Elapsed time 10 d 16 h
3rd on handicap
Desoutter Mk.II OY-DOD 7 Lt. M. Hansen,
D. Jensen
Denmark Arrived 31 October 1934 7th on handicap
DH.89 Dragon Rapide
ZK-ACO 60 J.D. Hewitt,
C.E. Kay, F. Stewart
New Zealand Arrived 3 November 1934 5th speed, 6th handicap
                                                      Not Classified
Miles M.3 Falcon G-ACTM 31 H.L. Brook,
Miss E. Lay (passenger)
Britain Arrived 20 November 1934
Fairey IIIF G-AABY 15 F/O C.G. Davies,
Lt.Cdr. C.N. Hill
Britain Arrived 24 November 1934
Fairey Fox I G-ACXO 35 Ray Parer,
G. Hemsworth
Australia Withdrew Paris.
Reached Melbourne 13 February 1935
Lambert Monocoupe 145
“Baby Ruth”
NC501W 33 J.H. Wright,
J. Polando Warner
United States Withdrew Calcutta
DH.88 Comet
“Black Magic”
G-ACSP 63 Jim Mollison,
Amy Mollinson( nee Johnson)
Britain Withdrew Allahabad. Engine damage.
Pander S4
PH-OST 6 G.J. Geysendorffer,
D.L. Asjes, P. Pronk
Netherlands Destroyed in ground collision at Allahabad.
B.A. Eagle
“The Spirit of Wm.
Shaw & Co Ltd
G-ACVU 47 F/Lt. G. Shaw Britain Withdrew at Bushire
Lockheed Vega
G-ABGK 36 J. Woods,
D.C. Bennett
Australia Withdrew Allepo, overturned on landing
Airspeed AS.8 Viceroy G-ACMU 58 T. Neville Stack,
S.L. Turner
Britain Withdrew Athens mechanical issues
Granville Gee Bee R-6H
NX14307 46 Jacqueline Cochran,
W. Smith Pratt
United States Withdrew Bucharest
Fairey Fox I G-ACXX 62 H.D. Gilman,
J.K. Baines
Britain Crashed Palazzo San Gervasio Italy , crew killed

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