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G-RCSR (Green Comet) Flying Replica Build by Ken Fern. May / June 2020.

A quick update on the excellent progress of Ken Fern’s build of DH88 Comet G-RCSR which is being built to flying condition as close to the original de Havilland plans to celebrate (Hence the close registration) Comet G-ACSR which came 4th in the MacRobertson Air Race of 1934 and set records for flights back to the UK carrying film of the celebrations.

The Lockdown has stopped any further work for the moment but the work done so far is here.  The fuselage is complete and in looking excellent in Green but still needs another couple of coats for final finish and this is the same with tail plane elevator, gin and rudder which have also had the initial coats. The wing top surface cross planking is all finished and the extra middle planks also on and awaiting for this lockdown to ease to to sand it all down.

It was planned to try the fuselage on the wing but this will have to wait as it will need a few bodies to help.   Some work can be done fitting the leading edges.  The engines are all stripped and awaiting the engineering companies to open  again to do the specialist machining.    There have to be 12 new cylinder barrels specially made for the engines as there are no originals left.  Some designing is being done on the fuel tanks for both Comets and making the front perspex domes.  A kind supporter has bought the tyres and tubes for G-RCSR  and Ken is just waiting to get them fitted.


Further news on progress from Ken Fern, ” The 12ft section of top span wise planking on the wing has been sanded and the final small section of chordwise planking glued on. This has also now been sanded and I am just finishing the sanding smoothing the rest of the wing which should be finished this week. Next week I hope to start fitting the nose ribs. It’s looking good and I am pleased with it.  Couldn’t resist taking some pics looking along the wing from where the cockpit would be.”



And here at the start of June 2020, the nose formers being lined up in place.  The mottled green is the application of the base dope.


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