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November 2017 Wing Turn Over Day G-RCSR

Some Images of the G-RCSR wing ready in the jigs for turning over.

The process is very simple.

A new jig is built on top of the base one.

Note : The bottom surface is inverted and has the two undercarriage and engine frames fitted.  The bottom surface double planking is complete.




A view of the whole wing with the two jigs.

The wing is entirely supported in the middle.

It is able to do this due to the double diagonal planking.




The Happy Team on completion after the work is done.

The wing is both light enough and strong with the complete planking to be man handled.

The only caution was to mind the wing tips which are only in single thin plywood.



The wing is literally turned over.

It first goes over to 90 degrees laying flat on both of the jigs.

The wing is then pushed upright onto the new jig.

The wing now stands in flying position with the planked bottom surface downwards and the undercarriage hanging down.



The wing is now pushed up horizontally







Finally the whole wing assembly is pushed back into the working position.







What the wing looks like from the top ready for varnishing internally.

The next job is all the internal fittings.

Then all the top diagonal and central planking.




A wingtip from the top.

Job done. The whole wing, all 44 feet, in the new position.

The old bottom jig, now on top, will be removed.





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