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The Group is delighted to have received a generous donation from DSC (Aviation) Ltd. Only recently did Duncan Swift the proprietor of the company learn of our project. This lead to a visit to Derby and a donation came within days! DSC (Aviation) Ltd is an aviation consultancy specialising in air traffic control training, aerodrome and arrival procedures, aerodrome safety management and search and rescue procedures. An offshoot is DSC Media which provides digital versions of photographic and videotape material. The Group is also entering discussions with other parties with a view to further financial help. It is likely that invitations to provide for the manufacture or refurbishment of specific parts for the aircraft will be made. The idea is that sponsors will be able to identify with certain key parts – eg . the fuel tanks. No part of the original fuel system survives so that approaches will be made to those who may wish to be sponsors of the fuel tanks. Changes from the original design will be required to meet current airworthiness and safety requirements albeit these will not be visible from the exterior. Other key parts are the cowlings and fairings which require skills currently not available in-house – ie. sheet metal panel beating.

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